Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching uses the Analytic-Network Coaching (ANC) 5-frames approach, a sophisticated and holistic method used to developing leadership capable of understanding and navigating complex organizational and global systems. Here’s a brief overview of how we apply it:

  1. Personal Frame: This frame focuses on the individual’s personal qualities, beliefs, values, and emotional intelligence. Coaches work with executives to enhance self-awareness, personal growth, and development. It’s about understanding the inner world of the leader and how it influences their behavior and decision-making.
  2. Relational Frame: This involves the relationships and networks that the leader is a part of. The coaching process helps the executive to improve interpersonal skills, understand the dynamics of power and influence, and manage relationships effectively. It’s about understanding and navigating the complex web of relationships within and outside the organization.
  3. Organizational Leadership Frame: Here, the focus is on the organizational culture, structure, and leadership processes. The coach works with the executive to understand the organizational context, manage change effectively, and align personal goals with organizational objectives. It’s about understanding how to maneuver within the organizational landscape to achieve desired outcomes.
  4. Networking Frame: This frame extends beyond the immediate organization to the wider industry and societal networks. It involves understanding market trends, societal changes, and global influences. Coaches assist executives in developing strategic thinking, understanding the broader business environment, and building networks that support personal and organizational growth.
  5. Strategy Frame: The final frame addresses the way the leader’s actions can be executed. This is about bringing together the previous frames with a sense of responsibility and ethics, understanding the broader impact of business decisions, and leading in a way that contributes positively to society.

In executive coaching using the ANC Five Frames approach, coaches typically guide leaders through these different frames, helping them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their role and influence across these various dimensions. This approach is especially useful in today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment, where leaders need to be adaptable, socially responsible, and capable of thinking beyond the confines of their organization