Dr Marianne Huhn

Artist in Residence – Art Practice Specialist

Dr Marianne Huhn has an international reputation as a practising artist. Her work is collected globally, while in Australia her work is in The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, a number of regional galleries throughout the country and private collections. She has been represented by Beaver Galleries in Canberra since 1988.

As Artist in Residence, Marianne introduces clients to drawing and exploring the enchanting nature of “seeing through drawing”. She focuses on noticing line, shadow and shape to create opportunities for self-expression. Marianne’s sessions emphasize process and developing how to see, over judging what has been drawn. In this way, Marianne develops the excitement of invention by creating different ways to look at, and explore the world around us.

Dr Huhn has lectured Fine Art at RMIT University and conducted workshops and classes at the Australian National University (ANU). She has also conducted classes and workshops at Canberra Potters and taught as Artist in Residence to several schools through Victoria. Her community engagement with drawing classes has also been a feature of her teaching. In 2016, Dr Huhn completed her PhD entitled “Form and Surface Narrative –Porcelain and Politics in Soviet Union 1917-1925”.

Marianne’s artistic focus is functional work made from porcelain clay thrown on the wheel. Her work is distinctive and uses powerful visual narratives to envelope and define her pieces. You can find her work at www.mariannehuhn.com and on Instagram at mariannehuhn.